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When we say you will walk into your interview on FIRE, we mean you will be in the ZONE; you will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully compete in the interview process. As a result you will feel confident and focused, you will be on FIRE!

Our Mission Statement Is:

To provide the most up to date and relevant information on firefighter interviews through video and text by professionals in the field.

We are professionals with firefighter interview experience including:

Since 2003 we have been providing professional firefighter interview counselling/coaching and will continue to provide this service, however now all interview education and preparation will be offered through our database for a membership fee. No other interview books are required to prepare for your mock or actual firefighter interview.

Becoming a member will give you access to 100's of Canadian interview questions that were asked in previous interviews by municipalities, such as, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. Some of the questions are analyzed, what are they looking for? Why are they asking this question? What direction you should take? And some will have example answers. Video clips from professionals in the field, interviews with candidates, right vs. wrong. Please view the member's page there is so much more.

Nothing can compare with interview feed back. We will provide you with interview coaching focusing on all types of questions, behavioral, situational and traditional. Many of you have had interviews in the past and not made the list but have no idea why! Having a mock interview will give you that essential feedback you have been wanting. Through interview coaching, you will identify inadequate answers and improve your organizational and presentation skills. This service is also offered through a phone mock interview.

For more membership details visit our Membership Page.

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  • August 13, 2016

    Auto Ex Ops Course Sept 24th-25th Peterborough

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    Webinars will be added to members area when new site launches

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    Instructor tools will be added in new site

  • May 10, 2016

    New website launching in 2016.