Behavioural Questions

Integrity Questions

Integrity in the Fire Service:

Integrity is probably the most important trait of a firefighter
For years firefighters have always been seen by the public as honest and trusted.
Firefighters around the world are known as having high integrity and honesty.


Interview advice shared at career expo

Sept. 28, 2015, Toronto – Nailing the interview is crucial for job seekers in almost all fields, and for the highly competitive fire service, perhaps even more so.


Your First Step to Interview Preparation

After reviewing the job description, write all of this information down and determine which ones are transferable to firefighting. Take each ability and record as many past situations where you excelled in this ability.


The Firefighter Interview – Not A Typical Interview

An interview with a fire department is usually your last stage in the recruit process. This is the stage that you will sell yourself as the best candidate for the position. Many qualified candidates fall short because they are not prepared for the types of questions that are being asked. The fire department interview is not a typical interview it is designed to find out more about you then you have ever imagined.